Current Insurance Rates

                                                               Individual        Parent/Child       Parent/Children    Two Party       Family

United Concordia Dental                        $31.14               $61.58                    $97.51               $61.58           $97.51
*rates valid through October 1, 2020

NVA Vision - Option 1                             $ 3.53                $ 8.81                      $ 8.81                $ 8.81            $ 8.81
*rates valid through January 1, 2022



NVA Vision - Option 2                            $ 5.65                 $14.12                     $14.12               $14.12           $14.12
*rates valid through January 1, 2022

Cigna Life and Accidental D & D                  $0.61 per $1,000
*rate valid through March 1, 2019

Cigna Short-Term Disability                         $0.61 per $10
*rate valid through March 1, 2019

All rates are on a Per Month basis.

Please contact Nicole Cassel at or 717-651-5920 for additional information about these services.

Weekly HR Happenings
Salary reigns as the top job attraction, but benefits and perks still matter
by Valerie Bolden-Barrett, July 30, 2018

  • Money is still the number-one motivator for 67% of job seekers and employees looking elsewhere for career opportunities, according to a new Glassdoor study. The survey of 1,100 workers and job seekers, conducted by Harris Poll for Glassdoor, also found that offering good benefits and perks attracts talent, too.
  • Besides pay and benefits, respondents focused on other desirable perks in their job pursuit, such as job location, commute time and employee reviews of companies in job ads. 
  • When asked what would make them more likely to apply for a job, respondents said attractive benefits and perks. Popular options included paid time off and gym membership, work-life balance, working from home and a good company culture.   
Reports listing the benefits and perks that entice job seekers to submit an application can revolutionize a firm's recruiting strategies. When employers know what potential hires want in a job, they can decide where to channel resources.

Higher pay is likely the top consideration in a job hunt. In January, Glassdoor reported stagnation in U.S. workers' wages, with the median base pay at $51,210. Across-the-board, pay increases have hovered at 3% in recent years, according to Willis Towers Watson. Some employers, like Target, have boosted their minimum wage to retain workers; by the end of 2020, employees at the retail giant will earn $15 an hour.

Not all employers can afford to plump up employees' paychecks, but that doesn't necessarily disqualify them from good retention rates. The tight labor market has put the pressure on organizations to offer workers and job seekers more of what they want in a job. Workers' desire for work-life balance and flexible work schedules demonstrates a growing need for more personal time. Employers that support workers' needs for more time for family and personal responsibilities, like caregiving, are often recognized as employers of choice.
Workers might be more focused now on company brand and culture because of recent high-profile scandals involving unethical behavior or sexual misconduct. Job seekers are routinely eyeballing company-rating sites before submitting applications. Employers that create cultures based on high ethical standards, civility, and inclusiveness will attract and hold onto talent with the same values.


July 2018 - The PennAg Insurance Group serves as an important resource for Risser’s Poultry by not only serving as our insurance broker but working as our advocate directly linking our company with resources, answers, and ideas to provide our employees with top tier insurance coverage and options. PennAg Insurance Group’s on-site open enrollment support, timely explanations to employee questions, and emphasis on wellness are all services that have allowed us to keep our focus on our fast-paced business.

-Dan McNally, General Manager, Risser’s Poultry

April 2017 - For over 12 years we have utilized the opportunity afforded us by being a member of PennAg to offer our employees insurance. With all the consolidation in the insurance world, we have always appreciated the friendly expertise at PennAg that has helped us to navigate the changes and provide economical options for us to keep our employees covered.

Being a small agricultural business, we cannot express the value of always having knowledgeable staff to call and promptly respond to emails and phone calls. When we have our annual discussion on our plans and potential changes, the staff is always organized and ready to offer us options that fit our business and employee’s needs. Our questions are always answered in a timely fashion and delivered in an easy to understand manner, even when we don’t like the answer. The term “local” is seen everywhere. We appreciate the “local” insurance service provided by PennAg.

-Bill Achor, York Ag Products Inc.

GeoBlue Voyager

Protect Your Health Around the World

What is GeoBlue Voyager®?

Travel health insurance that helps short-term leisure, student, business or missionary travelers identify access and pay for quality healthcare.

GeoBlue Voyager fills health and safety gaps

Insurance — Even if you are already enrolled in a health plan, your coverage is limited when you travel abroad. In fact, your plan may not pay to have you safely evacuated if you are critically ill.

Information — Where do you turn to learn which
hospitals and physicians meet your standards? Keep up with breaking news about health and safety threats? Translate key medical terms and brandname drugs?

Access to quality care — How do you find a westerntrained,
English-speaking doctor with the appropriate skills? How do you arrange a convenient appointment?

Each GeoBlue Voyager policy includes broad, deep
and reliable Global Health and Safety Services easily accessed through the web or our toll-free customer service center.

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