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Medal of Distinction Recipients

The USAHA Medal of Distinction is awarded annually to recognize one or more distinguished USAHA members who have demonstrated outstanding leadership, provided exemplary service, and have made significant contributions to the advancement of the Association. 
The award was first presented in 2006.

110th Annual Meeting, Minneapolis, Minnesota – 2006
Dr. Clarence L. Campbell, Tallahassee, Florida
Dr. Richard H. McCapes, Davis, California  

111th Annual Meeting, Reno, Nevada – 2007
Dr. J. Lee Alley, Montgomery, Alabama
Mrs. Linda B. Ragland, Richmond, Virginia  

112th Annual Meeting, Greensboro, North Carolina – 2008
Dr. John C. Shook, Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania  

113th Annual Meeting, San Diego, California – 2009
Dr. Bret D. Marsh, Indianapolis, Indiana

114th Annual Meeting, Minneapolis, Minnesota - 2010
Mr. Neal F. Black, Eagan, Minnesota
Dr. Thomas J. Hagerty, St. Michael, Minnesota

115th Annual Meeting, Buffalo, New York - 2011
Dr. Bob R. Hillman, Boise, Idaho

116th Annual Meeting, Greensboro, North Carolina- 2012
Dr. John R. Ragan, Bowie, Maryland

117th Annual Meeting, San Diego, California - 2013
Dr. Don H. Lein, Ithaca, New York

118th Annual Meeting, Kansas City, Missouri - 2014
Mr. William Hawks, Washington, DC

119th Annual Meeting, Providence, Rhode Island - 2015
Dr. Richard Breitmeyer, Davis, California

120th Annual Meeting, Greensboro, North Carolina – 2016
Mr. Jim Leafstedt , Alcester, South Dakota

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